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I have been working as a full time therapist / counsellor since 2014. Over that time I have worked with hundred's of individuals and couples on a wide range of issues including all aspects of relationships and what is often called marriage counselling.


Relationships can be difficult but can also be the most rewarding of all human experience. When any of us meet and form a relationship we often forget that we BOTH bring ALL our histories, genetics, family / life experience, fears and hopes, as well as all our other baggage with us. Learning how to communicate with another person in a relationship is like moving to a new country and learning a new language.


I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and have had many successes. I look forward to helping resolve the issues that you bring to the sessions.


Please contact me to learn more and see if working together feels right.

See FAQ further down to answer more specific questions, read some of the articles in the blog or drop me a text.


"Gillian has been so easy to work with, we have opened up to her more than to anyone else in our lives"    client

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you run sessions from and how can I book?

London Bridge or Greenwich, I will send you the full address when we arrange to meet but both locations are within a short walk from public transport. Sessions via Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp are also available. Contact me, text or email, and we can arrange mutually convenient time to meet.

How long does a session last and what days and times of day are you available?

Most sessions last 50 minutes, doulble sessions and or fortnightly can be arranged. Sessions are available, by appointment from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday.

Can you 'mend' a broken relationship?

That is a big question and depends on what you mean by 'mend'? - and is the idea of what is wrong and what needs to be 'mended' shared by both sides in the relationship? In nutshell we aim to create a mutual understanding between the two people in the realtionship so that both sides can agree on what the problems are, often establishing authentic communication improves the relationship and the real issues can be resolved. Even if the relationship cannot be made to work then we aim to ease the breakup and make it a learning experience.

How many sessions does it take to see results?

Again this is a hard one to generalise about but a minimum of 6 sessions to see results is usual. We can talk about this at the first session but often people come to resolve one issue and then discover that the for either or both parties there are much bigger issues lurking beneath the surface. Therapy is an ongoing growth process and as such duration depends on how much growing either or both parties want to achieve. Some people undertake a number of sessions and then drop in for maintainence or ad hoc sessions as required - I will always be available if required.

Do you work with same sex couples?

Yes I have worked with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transitioning and transgender couples.

Our issues are around sex, is that an area you can work with?

Yes, I have worked with many sexual issues, both within the relationship as well as the sexual activities of one or both partners outside the relationship (such as; affairs, using prostitutes, same sex affairs, pornography and sex addiction). I am very open minded and non judgemental. You can also be assured that as a qualified member of a professional body (BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psycohotherapy) I always maintain the highest level of confidentiality when dealing with all client issues. Feel free to bring any issues to sessions, sexual or otherwise.

How much does therapy cost?

My standard rates for working with couples is £95 per hour, indiviuals £65.

How can I contact you?

mobile: 07590 526 348
via chat on this website Please bear in mind I spend most of my time working with clients and am not able to answer the phone whilst with a client - text me or leave a message and I will work out with you a mutually convenient time to talk. Text is the best to start communicating with me.

Do you work with family member relationships as well as couples?

Yes I have worked in the past on the relationships between mother and daugther, son and mother, sibblings and friends. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Do you work with individuals as well as couples?

Yes, I work with individuals as well as couples on a wide range of issues - contact me to discuss further.

What are your specialist areas?

Relationships, Bereavement, Sex addiction, Trauma - childhood and recent.

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